Our services

The basic package covers the following services:

  • accommodation in 4 starred, double or single bedded houses;
  • bed clothes made of fine, natural materials with weekly change, or as needed;
  • housekeeping every day or as needed- laundry services for the resident’s personal clothing;
  • TV and internet services in each room;
  • mail services;
  • boarding services which will include 3 meals per day; meals with several hot courses and 2 snacks each day;
  • in case of a short-term illness, meals will be served in the room. In food preparation we always keep in sight the resident’s doctor orders. Vegetarian preferences can be also honored;
  • in case of an acute illness nursing care services and meal serving are provided in the room for free in a length of 30 days;
  • daily entertainment activities like: fitness, exercises according to the residents general health, library, social activities (like cards, chess, backgammon). Outdoor activities like gardening;
  • health care: includes the visit of the resident’s family practitioner doctor, twice in a month and monthly visit from a specialist physician;
  • massage services, once in a month, according to the clinical condition of the residents;
  • 24-hour nursing supervision;
  • dealing emergency calls and notifying family members or those persons who are named in the contract, if necessary;
  • we are also providing the opportunity for residents to attend religious services of their preferences. We offer to transport our clients to different denominational churches of Vármező and Sovata;
  • sauna facilities twice a month, for free, if the residents medical condition allows and with the recommendation of the physician;
  • the organization of different exhibitions like paintings, photographs, etc.;
  • musical events, organized periodically;
  • birthday, christmas, easter parties to which all residents are invited.

Additional fees must be paid in case of:

  • external telephone calls;
  • locally presentations or demonstrations on a topic, others that are mentioned in the basic package;
  • the organization of different cultural activities like: going to a theatre, opera;
  • haircuts, hairdressing, pedicure, manicure services in the residence with advanced booking;
  • specific medical examinations under the recommendation of the resident’s doctor;
  • room-services and nursing care in case of bed illness that exceeds a 30 day length;
  • contracting personnel for services like massage or rehabilitation;
  • sauna services according to schedule – only with medical recommendation;
  • the organization of different trips and tours in the country and abroad (it concerns trips with horse driven carriages, in wintertime trips with slays, ski or transportation to different tourist objects);
  • activities which are demanded by the residents and are not named in the basic package.

Who is eligible for these services?

Every person who has reached 18 years and if the person decides to pay the value of the basic package and its additional services.