About us

In a wonderful surrounding, just about 40 km far from Tg.-Mureş it is situated the History Residence, a special establishment with unique design where elderly people can find their calm and happiness.

It is the best choice if we take in consideration the silence of this place, a place where the harmony of lights and colours meats pure nature. You can find us where the Nyárád river passes out from the mountains to show itself in a larger valley, called Varmező. Beautiful foresty landscape follows the river to fill everyones curiosity.

As the entire establisment, the rooms are also denoting the mood of the last century with their wrought iron beds, chairs, tables and antique styled furnitures. Old photos and paintings are hanging on the wall, stirring up curiosity among the antiquities. It seems that the main feature of this place is the balance between space, form and colours, resulting a mixture of rustic style with modern elements.

Above all, an important role has food and its way of serving it. For this and more other, our spacious restaurant is more than suitable not mentioning the fact that modern technology meets again the rustic arrangements. There is a saying that ” we are what we eat.” Everybody knows that a well prepared meal can easily retain or recall some of us to that same location or it is capable of spreading out news. According to these facts we are trying to fulfill the highest expectations that can arise from our clients. A well trained and selected kitchen personnel guaranties that each meal placed on the table has fresh and quality products on the basis.

Library, living room, sauna, fitness room and a barbecue place completes our offer.

Visit us and you will not regret it! You will find a 4 starred establishment which distinguishes itself by originality.

Let yourself convinced by the beauty of this place because there is no proper word or expression that could describe the impressions that you gain here by visiting us.